Aid for Africa

September 16, 2010 Help Communities Abroad and Continue a Legacy of Generosity
Aid for Africa (AFA) is a charity bowling event with proceeds going directly to charities that aid African countries.  This event is in honor and memory of community leader and activist, Mr. Cecil Watkins, and promotes philanthropy and educates individuals on charitable efforts of several organizations.  Mr. Watkins served as the Director of Community and Special Programs for the National Basketball Association.  He also transformed communities with his unconditional generosity by serving as the President of the National-Am City Leagues Association, Inc. and Governor of the New York Metropolitan Amateur Athletic Union, both national nonprofit sports organizations.

Words & Wisdom partners with the community to preserve the environment

2008 - United Cerebral Palsy is the leading source of information on cerebral palsy and is an advocate for the rights of persons with any disability. Words of Wisdom is coordinating athlete appearances, a gift giving day of donated items, book signings and much more for this community. Read more.

Words & Wisdom partners with the community to preserve the environment

TOUR - Coming Soon
The WOW Tour is set forth to provide participants with educational forums and principles for success. It encourages economic empowerment and promotes heightened levels of self-awareness. The tour is comprised of professionals, music industry executives, authors, entrepreneurs, music producer and other dynamic personalities alike.

Words & Wisdom partners with the community to preserve the environment

Coming Soon
Behind the Scenes’ consists of professionals who are literally behind the scenes of the music industry. The speakers, who are on the business side of the industry, include producers, managers, and record executives who discuss the different career options in the music industry and their path to success.

Bronx, NY Sakiya Sandifer, creative advisor to Kanye West and co–author of their upcoming book, "Thank You and You're Welcome!", conducted a motivational workshop at the Bronx Community High School on September 21, 2007... read more
“Giving back is a way to pass on the baton for an endless marathon which you cannot finish on your own. It keeps the momentum going.”
 - Sakiya Sandifer, We Think LLC

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